moon soon sun [5]


like that

evening comes.

stretching across alleyways

and four lane streets

blanketing the troubles of you and me

quieting the rustle of tree leaves into first position,


like that evening comes.

and soon the moon

arches high to a place we cannot reach

the sky is blinking back

star, wish, star

in the heavens where our dreams retreat

rests the orb

of crests and crashes.

it is not my

first, or second, or third thought

to feel at peace during this leveling,

to trust layers of black, of night

to protect me.

but still, safety does come

as a release of hope

from feeling that i cannot know

much more than

here is moon

soon sun

to replace it.


there is a staircase

of vespers

leading from the jaws

of those we love

to the firmament

a stage of remembrances.

upon the stage we uncoil

the skein of what sickens us

and throughout the unraveling

we settle upon the knots

call to God, call to passed souls

call to spirits of Nouns we wish to embody

we lay on those Words

we lay on the pnuema

to transmit truths

the sun erases by shining.


where night creeps,

day breaks;

we are all carried over.


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